Made in China

Do you know where the vast majority of the stuff in your house and life is made? Start looking a bit more carefully at that “Made In” tag.

Toys? Nearly all made in China. Lamps? Made in China. Shoes for the kids? China. Electronics? Yop, assembled in China. Birthday candles for cakes? China. Holiday decorations? Count on it being made in China.

China, China, China… You will be amazed at just how much we have come to depend on China for everyday life. Even if you experiment to see if it was possible to live without feeding the growing economic tiger across the Pacific, nah! it is not easy. You will quickly find that there are vast consumer areas that are nearly all Chinese-dominated.

A comedic feature film Made in China was released in 2010. The title of the film is a reference to the Made in China label on many manufactured goods. The film was nominated for and won many independent film festival awards: winner of the SXSW Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature 2009, Winner of SXSW Chicken & Egg Emergent Woman Director 2009, Winner of Oldenburg International Film Festival Audience Award 2009, Winner of the Silver Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival 2009, and Winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking award at the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival 2009. (Source: Wikipedia)


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