Toast to Girlfriends…!!

We might wonder today just how many friendships have been “forgot.” It’s not necessary to detail the reasons for this – fast paced society, miles of separation, ad infinitum. Of course, in this respect, we’re thinking of old friends.

What is a good friend? I think we all know when we have one (but why can’t we ever figure out the ones that just don’t seem to be quite right?). Making new friends is tough — and maintaining them can be even tougher. One of the quotes by Aristotle “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.” is good advice in today’s modern, immediate gratification world.

Post college, early-20s friendships started changing and evolving as we all dealt with major life changes : demanding jobs, moves, marriage, babies, etc. We navigated friendships as these changes occur as well as evaluated friendships to see if they’re actually adding positive value to
our life. Afterall, seeking out quality friendships is another important way of taking care of ourself. I have had a lot of guilt about letting go of friendships past their prime but I have understood that it is healthy to acknowledge the good that happened, but still be able to move on.

Our girlfriends… what would we ever do without them? I am a girlfriend and fortunately, God has blessed me with some fabulous girlfriends. Those special women who know you better than you know yourself. We laugh over the good, bad, ugly, ridiculous and bizarre times we have had. We relive the friendship world which was relatively drama free and void of bridezillas…incidents like the art of reading ads and then we contemplate washing our face with diamond dust (it exfoliates the skin – but wash it off or your “face will be sparkly”), views on finances, food, pets vs. men and lessons learned from Archie comic books. We see a new perspective in the smallest things. Having old girlfriends really warms your heart as you travel back in time to good memories with friends that stick with you. Old jokes bring new smiles.

To all my girlfriends, few of who were friends for a lifetime while others for a short time, this goes out for you – “It can sometimes seem…that we’re on the lookout for perfect people. But if you think about it, if we picked only perfect people as friends, who’d be picking us?”

Friendships span the whole relationship gamut and it is nice to know that there are some dos and don’ts that make sense and make life make more sense whether they are Best Friends Forever or Bearable Frenemies For Now.

Few quotes which will melt your heart:

  • “The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away” (Barbara Kingsolver)
  • ‘Best friends can practically speak with their eyes just a knowing glance speaks a thousand words’ (John Sage)
  • “Girlfriends share two ageless elixirs: We laugh until we cry, and we cry until we laugh. Either one heals us from the inside out.” (Bonnie Louise Kuchler)
  • “A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside” (A.A. Milne).
  • “If we can keep each other laughing, we can keep each other sane.”

Happy Friendship Day!!*

*To all my friends (boys and girls) – far or near or met in virtual world… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Toast to Girlfriends…!!

  1. Big hugs – great post!!

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