Sexiness is an Attitude!!

Is this too revealing? Did I pay too much for it? Does it look good on me? Those are only a couple of questions I ask at times when I get dress in the morning. And then I remind myself of the Quacker Factory slogan: “My body is what it is. If I can’t lose it, I’ll decorate it!”…uhmmm, ok – I just need to make sure that how I dress is a reflection of who I really am and not of a douchebag…!!

Whew..phew!!! Nooooooooo

Jokes apart and snapping back into reality as a ‘wise woman’ as called recently by a dear blogger – The Grand Master/Little Master Series Blog.

Looking good is not about wearing the latest fashion, but knowing what makes us look good and wearing it. It should not try to make us perfect, instead it should enhance what God has given us. Most fashion magazines show rail thin girls which few of us are and even fewer can relate to. One can flatter any figure (including plus sizes), incorporate trends and individual style, mix and match pieces, shop on a budget and avoid falling victim to common fashion mishaps. Women are bombarded with “perfect body” images all over the media, which creates a warped body image, and are pressured to be like a sexy girl in a halter. While I was in France, I was impressed by how much French women pay attention to details in fitting and lengths. So I knew that fit was one of the big secrets of French girls’ look and I became quite conscious to buy thing that fit me.

All women, in their vast shapes and sizes, are beautiful. While some will spend thousands on outfits to make an impression on others, it may be more important to make an impression on your psyche and spend some bucks on the things that are just for you.

And most importantly, how what we wear under our clothes is just as important as our clothing, and that it’s important for everyone to treat themselves well. Yes…only we know whats under our clothes but whats under our clothes can also effect the way we feel. Let me re-affirm – it’s what’s inside that counts. Therefore, love yourself and treat yourself well from the inside out!

Everyone has something special about themselves. Make your self consciousness/body consciousness disappear because afterall sexiness is in attitude… 😉

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4 thoughts on “Sexiness is an Attitude!!

  1. Great message!

  2. First of all, let me thank you for the acknowledgment, much obliged 🙂 And yes, it’s true. We do these things mostly for ourselves. I’ve often wondered what it would be like (as an experiment) if we had no mirrors for a week, zero. Would we know how ‘to be’ in public?? I mean, would we even know if we should feel good? How we look to ourselves is really important to US, and not very important to anyone else . . . unless maybe you’re trying to catch a date or something . . .
    But anyway, I strolled around on the planet for 20 years with a big gap between my front teeth. I wore it okay, but it bothered ME. So one day I had cosmetic dentistry and voila, no gap. My teeth were beautiful and white (while I was there . . . had my teethe whitened!). I smiled so much that people would say, “What??!! . . . I couldn’t believe that what had bothered me for 20 years was pretty much unnoticeable to everyone else. That’s when I got it; that what we do/fix/wear, etc. is for US. And it should be. Because whatever it is that causes one to feel good about themselves (and that can include the lack of the above) , is worth the time and money because yes, sexiness is an attitude. Great post!

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