Saying Goodbye to my four-legged angel (RIP)

It seems just yesterday when I brought her home all of 2 months, a black bundle of joy who was so restless away from her mother but very soon found the warmth under my other dog Bruno’s neck..all snuggled up and sleeping like a baby to much annoyance of Bruno, ofcourse. Once I moved to a different city for work, she moved in with me. Oh, she was a sweetheart to come back home to. I never really had to train her for anything. She adjusted well with my work hours during weekdays and ensured that I give her enough attention over the weekends. She was my +1 in all the friendly parties. She was taken care of by my friends if I had to travel for work. Ah, she was every one’s darling.

She enjoyed dog food as much as she enjoyed tomatoes. She was possessive of her ball and loved fielding on the ground. She was a terror for outsiders but a warm cuddly one for the insiders. She always knew when anyone in the house was not well and would keep an eye on him/her. She was naughty as a brat but with kids, she would let them have the liberty to be naughty with her. She knew she was not allowed to sit on the bed or couch but she also knew that she owns the privilege to sit on the same place where I sit. And no one dare to walk into my room even after knocking on door until I mumble a Yes or else, apart from mother, others have been pounced upon. She would slather you with her love every time she would see you, bark for attention, eat food when its my dinnertime, snuggle up for the exact same spot on bed which is warm in winter and gets more cool air during summers. Her unconditional love could be seen in her eyes. When something was botherting me, I could see worry in her eyes. She was addictive hence her name “Whisky”.

Whisky (16-May-1996 to 28-Jul-2012)

On Saturday (28-Jul-12), my beloved four-legged angel, Whisky, left me to be in Heaven after sharing my life for more than 16 years. Certain religion generally teaches that animals do not go to heaven and, when they die, that’s the end for them. But, I know that she will be waiting in Heaven to greet me when I pass into her world and until that day, I will love my little angel and keep her memory alive in my heart and in my heart she will stay.

I just cannot imagine life without her. I never knew that something so small could weigh so much in your heart and totally captivate your world. I now understand that we only have those precious little creatures for a season. My heart which is empty is now filling up with memories of my angel. I have lost a very precious piece of me.

RIP Whisky, you have gone on ahead. I will catch up to you later.

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15 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to my four-legged angel (RIP)

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how agonizing it is. All my strength…

  2. Whiskey is young again and chasing rabbits; whiskey is your spirit guide. Whiskey changed who you are and who you will become. For the brief time that they are here, they change everything. May your sorrow be short and your memories be strong.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Yes, she sure would be chasing rabbits after resting for a while. She was too weak in her last few days. She taught me how unspoken love is so precious.

  3. I’ve been staring at this trying to think of something to say, but I can’t because all there is to say is I’m so sorry.

  4. I am so sorry – words fail me yet again. I know how much Whiskey was and is to you. And that of course will never change…

    • Thanks Mimi..!! Expressing what and how I feel for Whisky in words is tough. This year has been a roller-coaster life so far and this loss came like a thunderbolt. Still can’t believe that I will not see her around.

      • I know – and the disbelief has a jagged edge of pain that causes your breath to intake and hurt. I hope you give yourself time to grieve and cry. And of even greater importance, I hope the roller coaster begins to slow down so that you can catch your breath..hugs, m

      • Whisky now in heaven, I have a feeling that miracles will soon happen… 🙂 Hugs to you!!

      • I believe they will too…big hugs, me

  5. So very sorry for your loss. These precious creatures are ALWAYS gone from our lives too soon. I hope that the pain you are feeling is quickly crowded out by the many memories you share of your lives together….

    • Thank you Donna! I will always cherish her memories and re-live happy moments of our togetherness. Your blog will be visited to find solace when I will miss her.

      • Absolutely–having lost a dear pet 2 years ago, I can tell you that the happy memories surface frequently and, unfortunately, the pain of loss jumps up and bites ya again from time to time too. Stop by my blog anytime–I would be honored if it helped to mitigate your sorrow…. Lori

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