**Wink** ;)

Think about a plan you made, then a coincidence steered you into a new direction. Coincidence? or God’s rudder steering you?

I can recall few times when things happened to me and I thought “I can’t believe this happened to me!”. Many times I have thought about things that happened to me and wondered, how could that be? Why did this happen at this particular time in my life? Then there have been times in my life where I said “Wow what a Coincidence?”.

Often, I have taken things for granted. I know I simply did not appreciate what I had or what came my way, Good or Bad. Now I simply wink to show a sense of appreciation for the little things in my everyday life. I replace my anger at missing a light or misplacing my keys with a patience. I see how amusing life is and all that surrounds us constantly!

These are not just random occurances…they happen constantly. I just open my eyes and WHAM!…There they are. You might find this idea far-fetched. Uhmmm, maybe…but that’s the whole point! It proves that while I may think that out of six billion people on the planet, I will never meet “the one”…in fact, I am on someone’s GPS system all the time. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. I keep the hope and faith alive and watch for the signs 🙂

Everyone takes their own experiences the way they see fit. It’s called interpretation. When you start looking at life as a succession of little winks you can actually begin to look forward to the day!! Being an agnostic, I feel that things all lined up for us if we pay attention and when we don’t, situations perk our attention.

Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

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3 thoughts on “**Wink** ;)

  1. Serendipity, kismet, fate, winks, God laughing while man plans, it matters little what one calls it as long as one keeps their eye open (but for the occasional wink)…great post!!

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