Nobody’s perfect…

Did you know that Navajo weavers always make an intentional mistake in their rugs to show that nobody’s perfect? Yes, it’s true!!!

Something to think about when we are worried about the little things. Many of us would not label ourselves as perfectionist but we strive for it. One light-bulb moment about perfectionism and relationships – ItΒ is timeΒ to accept there is no such thing as the “perfect partner”, and that it’s OK to be 90% happy most of the time, rather than expecting 100% all the time! I have come to realize that subconsciously, I could
not meet my own perfectionist expectations. There are a lot of low-risk undertakings in life that I have not attempted for the same reason.

Many ways in which we can lead fairly normal lives by learning to adapt to our handicaps. It doesn’t mean that we are unhealthy, stupid or unlovable, it just makes us human. After all, at the root of perfectionism lies our identification with things, achievements, and so on, and to stop this harmful habit will mean to really change the way we see ourselves and the way around us. And that is not easy. Our mind is also just a very tricky machine and it won’t let go just that easy. The subtle and deep truth is to find the gem at our feet we absolutely have to stop kicking it down the road.

I consider myself a “recovering perfectionist” who has fallen off the wagon countless times throughout my life. I have learnt to accept each moment as it is, and understanding that no moment can be more than what it is. In essence, each moment is already perfect. I guess some are even not aware that they are perfectionist… πŸ™‚

Perfect does not mean perfect actions inΒ  a perfect world, but appropriate actions in an imperfect one. (R.H. Blyth)

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12 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect…

  1. Alex Jones

    I have heard Buddhist crafts people make errors too in the same manner as Navajo.

  2. Trying to be perfect is one of my downfalls, for sure! I’m very tough on myself and I notice that I expect it in others too. I’m afraid that I might fight this battle the majority of my life as I come from a long line of ‘wanna- be’ perfectionists. And the ‘ugly’ truth is, we really aren’t impressing anyone, and usually, we don’t even live up to our own expectations . . . so why bother, right? Thanks for the post πŸ™‚

    • Striving for perfectionism is a trait found in many…and I was a part of it too. But after fighting with it on personal front, I realized that it is causing me more hurt than others. That’s when I said “Do I care?” πŸ™‚

  3. You are a very wise woman, indeed πŸ™‚

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  5. I like this post a lot! thank you! πŸ™‚

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