Find your way to Happiness or Unhappiness…

If the rhetorical question of my previous post made you nod your head in confusion, here is something to help you find an answer.

Or if you are finding ways to be unhappy…here are the 10 golden rules to ease your journey!! Have a safe trip…

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8 thoughts on “Find your way to Happiness or Unhappiness…

  1. Ashamed to say that I’ve employed a few of the methods that lead to unhappiness in the past and let me just say, they work amazingly well. :-/

    • Don’t be ashamed….you are not alone…I was treading the same path few months back until I questioned myself “Am I happy?” 🙂 and I started to change something… One of the beautiful change was blogging where I have found such beautiful souls in a virtual world.

      • I sooo agree! I’ve found a wonderful “communion of souls” online–my new friends delight and astonish me every day. Hope you’re feeling much happier these days! 🙂

  2. I too have traveled that unhappiness paradigm – and it is way too effective. I think I choose happiness – some days it’s arguably harder than others. And of course, some days I have a little pity party – but I never invite any guests – just me and whatever I’m wallowing in for the moment. But these are not long-lived fetes – for it really begins to bore me. 🙂 When I remember the basics – my husband and kids and dogs…my mornings that are precious, my dogs who are very understanding, but prefer to play…that I’m still upright and moving forward – I get to happy pretty quickly…

    • You inspire me…!! To be happy, I learnt to NOT follow the 10 golden rules but to stick to basics 🙂 Enjoying renovating my new rented apartment, spending a little more time with my parents, enjoying stupid phone conversations with my younger brother, spending time with my close friends, and letting nature take its course for me while I enjoy the journey!

      • Oh sweetie, that’s the key I think – to close your eyes and let it go…life has a rhythm and a beat that we only hear when we give ourselves over to it. Hard to do, but you are already so in touch with that! You’re amazing!

  3. George Hayward

    Clear, simple, and inspiring. Nice post and great graphics. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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