Sh”t My Dad Says

The title says it all about the language contained inside though, and much of the humor comes from a quite colorful vocabulary. The author, Justin’s story telling method is quick and to the point, which keeps the book all the more engaging and interesting.

When you read the book you really get the idea that the author is learning from his dad, who is admittedly a little rough around the edges, how to be a decent human being. Not every word the senior Halpern utters is politically correct, which is part of the humor, and he obviously embarrassed his son on occasion, but this book seems like a loving tribute to a guy who clearly loves his son even while calling him a dummy. Like MissUnderstood genius, finally, a man who says what he thinks – no political scheming, no worrying about the consequences – this man just opens his mouth and says the first profanity-laced thing that pops into his head. He’s a grumpy old guy with the smarts of a rocket scientist and the mouth of a Kentucky moonshiner. He drops pearls of wisdom in the crassest possible terms, but his comments are always dead on and endlessly hilarious. Although his language is “spicy”, his words carry deep insight and his fierce love for his children shines through all the swearing.

Justin’s dad is not mean, he just tells it like it is. It’s nice to see someone who was not afraid of his own shadow in his own house and who was not afraid to stick up for his son’s when needed-be. A love that inspires his son to recognize and realize his potential even when–or especially when–the s h*t of life hits the fan.

The quaintness and shock value of the fatherly advice in this book distracts from what a clever writer Justin Halpern is, which is actually pretty clever. The sayings are hilarious, crude, and 100% correct; rife with common sense and vulgar perfectionism. (Were Dads wiser years ago? or funnier?)

I’ve been reading the blog and enjoying it, sending and sharing it with everyone I know. I figured the book would be along the same lines – it’s not, it’s even better. If you like four-letter humor that tells it like it is…just get this book and read it!! Afterall, the truth is rarely pretty, and life is not rated G.

Caution: DO NOT read this book while you are eating, especially not popcorn. It is laugh-the-hell-out-loud-funny and if you laugh while you’re eating, you’re gonna hurt yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Sh”t My Dad Says

  1. I’m going to download and take on vacation next month…I’ve heard so much about this book!

  2. I, too, need to add this to my reading list, as I’ve heard good things. I sure hope Rhonda follows this blog, ’cause I know she’d want to know about this if she doesn’t already! šŸ™‚

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