The Stupid Things You Do With Your Smartphone!!!

Don’t get bogged with my blog title. It will not teach you any cool stuff…but I am sharing excerpts from an article which is true while being funny at the same time 🙂  (irony: I was reading it on my smartphone!!). For the lazy few who do not wish to read the long article can simply breeze through the tid-bits which I captured from there!!

Stupid Thing #1: You’re Overreliant on Your Smartphone, Causing You to Forget Important Numbers and Directions

There’s nothing wrong with having this information in your phone, but a good chunk of it ought to be in your brain as well.

Stupid Thing #2: You Won’t Pay $1 for a Great App

Look at it this way: sometimes you’ll pay $15 for a meal you could make yourself for $5. You do this because the $15 meal is going to taste better and you won’t have to spend time making it. The same goes for apps: sometimes you should spend a few dollars to get something awesome that will save you time and effort—or that’s just really fun.

Stupid Thing #3: Your Phone Notifies You About Everything

Your phone’s notification system is like a dog trainer and you are, unfortunately, the dog.   It’s gotten so bad for some people that people feel their phone vibrating when it’s not.

Stupid Thing #4: You’re Distracted by Your Smartphone While Driving

Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. Chances are you know this is bad, but the desire to send that text overrides your better judgment in the moment. Voice control is a much better way to control your smartphone without taking your eyes or your focus off the road, but it still qualifies as a distraction. Your best bet, if you just have to change that song or send a text message, is to do it at a stoplight.

Stupid Thing #5: You Don’t Monitor Your Privacy Settings

Your smartphone retains a lot of personal data, and this points to two privacy issues. First, if your phone is stolen, the thief has easy access to your data. Second, apps on your phone may be tracking a little more information than you want.

Stupid Thing #6: You Neglect Other People in Favor of Your Smartphone

Social media may be intend to bring us together, but it’s equally skilled at keeping us apart. Technology is awesome, but it’s often addictive. It’s always with you, unlike people. So separate your smartphone and your human time. It’s a better way to stay connected.

Note to Self: If you want to use your smartphone intelligently, it needs to be a supplement—not a replacement—for the tasks you should be able to complete on your own.

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4 thoughts on “The Stupid Things You Do With Your Smartphone!!!

  1. Love the post! I always feel my phone vibrating when it’s not, what’s up with that? Another thing I’d like to add (that I don’t do of course, but I know OTHERS do!) . . . in an awkward situation when one doesn’t want to look like an ‘alone’ loser, they pretend to be texting. I suppose they think others will then assume that they do indeed, have friends. Too funny! Most teenagers would rather chew their arm off than make a quick phone call. They’d rather text for 20 minutes. In the not so distant future, I imagine that we won’t have any REAL friends . . . lol! Thanks for the great post, made me laugh 🙂

    • Oh yes…funny when ‘alone’ users pretend to be on call and their phone rings 😀 AWKWARD!! I find cell phone a nuisance at times…always available for everyone. Thanks for enjoying the post.

  2. Amen!! LOVE your post today!

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