We Know What We Want…


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12 thoughts on “We Know What We Want…

  1. I tried it and you’re right! : )

  2. A terrific idea – and quote -have to try this..!

  3. Reblogged this on Waiting for the Karma Truck and commented:
    This is a scary exercise in some ways…so be careful what you’re asking yourself!!! But I tried it…and once I let go fo what I thought the answer should be and just flipped the coin, I was surprised at the result. Happy Monday everyone!

  4. Love it, I do believe in the energy that exists in the ’empty spaces’ that knows what we sometimes don’t. Or maybe we know on a subconscious level. Very interesting exercise, thanks for posting. I subscribed 🙂

  5. gregblencoe

    This is so funny. I actually did this yesterday. I’m usually quite decisive. But I couldn’t decide between two choices. Therefore, I flipped a coin. And it came up with the choice that I didn’t prefer.

    I then proceeded to say to myself, “OK, let’s do two out of three and see what happens.” The choice I preferred “won” during the next two coin flips.

    Then I thought, “Why are you even doing this? You know what you want!”

    But like you said in your response to the first comment, “we sometimes want something to decide for ourselves instead of trusting ourselves.”

    This is a good reminder to just trust our instincts and go for what we want.

    • You applied probability of getting the choice you ‘preferred’ or ‘wanted’..woohoo!! Wish life worked like this. I trust my instincts most of the times – sometimes they backfire but mostly they work. When they backfire, atleast I know that I decided what I wanted at THAT particular time in life. 🙂 Its easier to live with choices we make than regret of not trusting our instincts!

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