Cover-Your-Ass culture

Everyone is irritated by mistakes at some point, whether their own mistakes or others’. Why do we find it so annoying, when most of us wereraised to believe that making mistakes is a sign we are trying new things and can often be a good way to learn? However, we have become a part of cover-your-ass (CYA) cul­ture – we spend more energy deflect­ing mis­takes, cover them or avoid them instead of own­ing up, apol­o­giz­ing and learn­ing some­thing out of their faux pas.

There is a thin line between “above the line” and “below the line” errors, and some are better at learning from mistakes than others. Few actually learn from even egregious mistakes and succeed in preventing repeats.

Life doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be beautiful. It can still be beautiful even with “flaws”. It is full of mistakes – embrace as it is: beautiful, unpredictable, and precious. Sometimes the unintended has a purpose greater that what we initially set out to do. Sometimes I flub up a situation with a friend….well it resolved. If it’s not, I GROW and learn from it.

Earlier, I would get upset if something wasn’t perfect. Then I learnt that just because one made a mistake, doesn’t mean one should give up. Rather, treat errors as an opportunity to learn and move on. Although this is a lesson best learned while young, to save a lot of stress and heartache, it’s never too late to learn that rolling with the punches is a heck of a lot more fun that striving for perfection. I try to find beauty in everyday “mistakes”. I finally celebrate everyday spills and paper tears and turn them into “happy accidents”. I am surprised to find how each day reveals the hidden twist optimism in an everyday “Oops”!! I look at situations very different now, not just the effect of something, but I now look for the cause too.

Taking an hon­est look into our soci­ety where we are told to learn from our mis­takes, yet get penal­ized and pun­ished when we make them. Well, OOPS is no longer a loser’s word. Delight in the happenstance that will lead you down new creative roads. Mistakes aren’t failures, they are opportunities for reframing perspective and developing new ways of looking at things.

The right attitude can turn, “I messed up,” into, “Wow!”

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