What I Think of Me is Your Business

On the face of reality, we all face with always wondering what other people are thinking and modifying our behavior to fit their expectations. Few things keep us from reaching our potential and we can’t quite figure out what. So many hours are wasted thinking or even caring about someone else’s opinion about ourselves. The only real thing that matters is what I think about and enjoy about myself. We should set ourself free – free ourself from restricting shackles!

We are in control of ourself, other people can think what they want and always do. We can only control what we think of ourselves. People who lack confidence, care about what others think. It’s easy to get caught up in worrying about what someone thinks of you, which brings on a whole new set of problems. But,  it’s amazing how their thoughts control our emotions which control our behavior.

It’s good to remind myself that ‘my happiness is my responsibility and is not dependent on your behavior’ is but one of the things that affirms that my life experience is an “inside job.”

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2 thoughts on “What I Think of Me is Your Business

  1. Well if it helps, I think you’re pretty damn special…so there..:-)

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