Sexy Girl in a Halter…

I don’t think all women are what the media says is ‘perfect’, in fact I don’t believe it at all!! Rather, I wonder HOW and WHY those people look great all the time. Ah, most of the models are barely 21 and perfect.

My life is demanding and my free time is minimal at best and yet I am expected as a career woman in my field to be fashionably and appropriately dressed at all times. It’s hard to pick my battles, especially when it comes to clothes, every morning. I am “hard to dress” type – I have to tailor just about everything which is a pain.

As women we struggle as loving and accepting ourselves exactly as God made us. He made us each unique and beautiful yet for some reason we often end up desiring to be someone else. We want to look good and be attractive to the opposite sex. And while living in a very “fashion-driven” society, that puts emphasis on looks, weight, and materialism, many girls, in their quest to attract guys, fail to consider what they are advertising with their clothes, make-up, body art, body piercing and behavior.

I haven’t tried any of those crazy fad diets as I am genetically blessed. I can wear the halter top or the red mini-skirt or sleek side slit black dress. But I don’t want to. I want to wear what makes me feel good and comfortable. I resent the idea that showing more and more skin is a marker of confidence. Showing skin is perfectly fine if that’s what makes me feel good.  I look $#@! good in plain white t-shirt paired with my favorite jeans ! LOL! I think every woman can look and feel sexy and beautiful.

I think it is really difficult to be objective about your own body and very easy for focus on the negatives.

Peer-pressure to have tattoos, belly button rings, tongue piercings, cleavage, and low-rise pants and high-rise underwear of today’s fashion scream to men, and how girls are clueless of what their attire is saying about them. The guy they want will love to see her dressed sexy showing cleavage and legs, but the old creepy man who sees her passing by will fantasize about her. It is not important to showing too much skin. Yet in some settings, such as on a beach, “looking normal” could mean showing lots of skin.

I do a better job on spending money on clothes that really flatter me and fill the gaps in my wardrobe than develop a hour-glass figure. I would rather have a beautiful image, one that I can be proud of – to be able to make emotionally, spiritually and physically powerful decisions…and then I can always play up my assets. We should not cave to the show-skin pressure. Our feminine responsibility to men around are much overdue.

Dress age-appropriately, wear a powerful air of elegance and still have a sexy, sassy side! It is the style you create for your own that makes you look distinctive, not the expensive clothing. I still can be elegant if I choose to be…as much as I am determined to age gracefully and above all with dignity, I would also like to continue to possess some style and a certain current hipness.

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3 thoughts on “Sexy Girl in a Halter…

  1. “wear a powerful air of elegance…” – what a terrific statement. You rocked this post! 🙂

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