Electronically Overcharged…!!!

Before you scratch your head and wonder what I’m talking about, mentally take a walk through your house and count up the number of electronic gadgets and appliances. I won’t even tell you how “wired” my house is. In just my own bedroom, there’s a TV, a cable box, laptop, iPAD, 2 cell phones charging, an Ipod charging, not to mention the cordless phone, and the wi-fi that goes throughout the house (“Wireless Technology” was to me the greatest invention.) and ofcourse, even my cell phone is my alarm clock.

Our homes and offices filled with wireless wi-fi internet, smart phones, laptops, electronic games, cordless devices and kitchen appliances everywhere. Modern inventions seem to make our lives more efficient and productive but consider the fact that all sorts of electronic signals are passing through our body every second of the day – terrifying reality is that we are all electronically overcharged!!

Like most of you, the thoughts of altering comfortable daily habits and patterns is daunting or being plain lazy! We simply can’t imagine living without many of the modern conveniences they’ve become so accustomed to. So changes will not come easy.

Not being a doctor by profession, I cannot talk about the health consequences of our constant exposure to electronic pollution but I can judge our mood disturbances and quality of sleep due to it.  We can’t escape them and in fact, clamor for more of them. We don’t want to be anywhere where there is no reception.

I have started making few changes as I could. I am now working on modifying the entire house….baby steps to start. I am hopeful these are the missing links that will help me finally get the sleep my body is craving so.

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