In a social party or an office event, I like break ice by asking the question, “What are your three earliest childhood memories.” I have found this an invaluable technique to be funny and engaging. It also enables me to understand new people at a much deeper level.

How childhood memories affect our life today. Looking at the memories that stand out the most reveals aspects of our personality that help us understand why we do what we do, and also helps to look at if where we are is the best for us. We are all unfinished grain to be shaped into whatever we choose.

See what you remember first and how that impacts who you are today…you cannot help but chuckle!! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Childhood…

  1. Ha, I totally remember doing that… this made me smile 🙂

  2. theskyinsideyou

    Reblogged this on theskyinsideyou and commented:
    to be children again!

  3. I did this for sure. I have pictures to prove it!

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