Dancing in my Car

A few months ago I seemed to have developed a lot of fear that I was powerless to make life work out in my favor. I (like many) stumbled forward still overwhelmed by the last. It took me a few days to realize- something has to shift. While I knew what the fear was about, it was also clear that I needed a strategy to start enjoying life more. I’ve been overlooking. I realize there is more to life than the hiccups I have endured.

How my life was just as complex and sometimes as boring as my own.

As I pondered more, the first thing I realized that fear is based on a feeling, not on a fact. Many of us fear things that haven’t happened, may not happen as we want it to happen, or may not ever happen at all. Facing our fears is the first step in conquering them. If I have a fear about something, I try to look at it objectively (leaving alone cockroaches…ewww!!).  Is it really imminent, and if so what steps can I take to get through or past it? Facing my fears head on keeps them from paralyzing me and allows me to take positive action and gain control over my life.

I discovered that my biggest fear was failure or rather choices-I-made-differently. Fear of failure stops many people from doing things that would make their lives much better. What I’ve learned so far- life happens whether we want it to or not, but it’s how we react and create the future that makes the difference. Thus, I told to myself that I needed to look at past failures as stepping-stones to success and never give up on my dreams. Taking an objective look at my failures, what choices I made as well as what I did right, can help me do better the next time around.

Another thing that I understand is that getting through rough spots and making life work for me requires some discipline. Creating habits in me life that help me feel grounded, such as eating properly, walking for combating stress, getting enough sleep, meeting close friends to have peace within me, sketching to me-time, will help me cope better when times are tough.  And a good dose of persistence towards goals doesn’t hurt a bit.  If I am hoping to make something happen in me life, I need to create a plan (am directionless as of now) and then take action, by doing something every day to move towards my goal. Just a little discipline can go a long way to reducing, and maybe even eliminating, fears that may come up.

Ah! Most of us shrug off and say “it’s easier said than done“…I second that! But aren’t we simply being hesitant in dancing in our car with oomph?

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2 thoughts on “Dancing in my Car

  1. I’m a firm believer in dancing in my car and singing at the top of my lungs (with the windows up of course)…Doing those things that free us without risking too much are terrific outlets – for emotions, confidence and a sense of freedom within an environment that can sometimes feel overly-controlled. You go girl! 🙂

  2. I also have a great fear of failure and this sometimes leads to me doing nothing so as not to fail. When it is something I truly need or want to do I can achieve it, or at least attempt it, by making lists and breaking it into smaller pieces. Direction and discipline, like you said, helps a lot.

    Oh, and I love me some car dancing! 🙂

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