Recharge thou Energy Bank

While waiting in a queue to withdraw some money from my bank account, I felt drained and exhausted. Did I miss my breakfast? Is it the weather? Or am I simply feeling lethargic?

I started to think about energy like I think about money. If I continually withdraw money from my bank account without putting it back, eventually I will be overdrawn. In real life, the bank charges hefty fees for this practice. However, when it comes to my energy levels, the toll exacted on my body, mind and spirit is even heavier when my energy reserve is depleted. To continue with my money/energy analogy, if I haven’t been putting money aside, I won’t be able to pay my bills, and if I haven’t been looking after my energy levels, I am likely to feel lifeless and listless.

I see this tendency time and time again with myself and people around me – family and friends – am very sympathetic to our plight. Many of us rush on a daily basis, yet still complain of fatigue and a lack of energy. I often wonder that there is a way to keep my energy level up, so that I can feel happier and more in control of my life…but that stays in my thoughts until I sleep-dive.

Maintaining vitality and enthusiasm for life is an important aspect to living well. But all the multi-tasking and constant rushing about we do on a daily basis makes it difficult to keep our energy up. When I think about it, with so many balls in the air and such high personal expectations, it is no wonder that I feel drained and exhausted at the end of each day.

First, let me think about what might be depleting me in the first place. Is it an emotional or physical drain? Is it my job, a specific person or an unpleasant task, too much technology, time constraints, negative people, etc? Whatever this drain may be, I thought of ways to eliminate it or cut way back on it.

Budgeting energy is one way to make things better, but I need to have regular energy coming in as well. To this end, I started to think about the things that makes me happy and I realized that I felt light by simply talking about the things I love. I immediately planned to do some of these things regularly with the goal of building up my energy bank. I thoroughly enjoy this phase . It is great relief to realize that while it is important to take time for myself, it is essential due to the multi-tasking and added pressures most of us experience in today’s world.

I can honestly say that after making a concerted effort to reduce my negative energy drains, all the while building up positive energy doing things I love, I have started to feel much better, have more energy, and enjoy life more fully. That is a powerful testimony to this practice.

So, dear friend, if you feel your energy bank is running low, try building it back up by making time to do things that fill you with joy and peace. My guess is that you’ll be recharged in no time!!

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3 thoughts on “Recharge thou Energy Bank

  1. I think you already know, but I’m just going through my list of followers, so…

    As one of my followers, I would like to invite you to the dark side…my slightly more intense blog: Hope to see you there!

  2. I think your advice is spot on…and I for one am going to take it! 🙂

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