Its good to…

  • Try to wake early.
  • Wear high heels as long it doesnt hurt my feet.
  • Have a little garden with soft green grass to walk barefoot.
  • Reduce the number of cups of tea I take in a day…and to try green tea for a month and to continue if I like it.
  • Start carrying a bottle of water to drink during the day.
  • Have my daily meals timely and NOT skip my breakfast.
  • Live near the water or the mountains or both. (Lie on a hammock reading a book and sipping my fav drink..ah, solace!)
  • Help with no expectations of my own
  • Learn to let go and not giving two shits.
  • Have breakfast in bed on saturday mornings.
  • Receive fresh flowers and gifts for no reason at all.
  • Strive to be a better person than I was the day before each and every day.
  • Make someone smile and to lift them up when they are feeling blue.
  • Have a partner who honors commitments, who speaks truly and freely, and plans birthday trips to Paris!
  • Feel as beautiful around people as I feel when I am on my own in my room – be it in a pretty dress and perfect hairdo or in my night dress.
  • Continue my search for the right pair of blue jeans.
  • Stop asking for perfect moments to do things.
  • Be able to say I’m sorry when I do wrong or hurt someone.
  • Truly put my stubbornness aside without stepping away from what I believe in.
  • Return to a lounge just because I thought the live music was playing my kinda-music.
  • Sit late into the night as darkness folds over itself and enjoy watching the stars.
  • Pray and give thanks for beautiful people around me and for my life!
  • Be a happy woman being my own.

P.S.  I went through an emotionally tough time recently and I can tell you that as time passes it does get better even though you may feel like you’re dying inside. And making this list made me think for myself and simply made me smile… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Its good to…

  1. You are spot on on all counts…it’s more than ok – it’s damn good. I’m sorry that you have had a tough time of late. And it’s also good to know that you’re not alone, even when you feel the most lonely. Sending cyber hugs…

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