Writing Love Story

Most of us have had experience with dating quite a few not-so-right Mr. Right. When we date them, we all pay the price of the broken hearts, etc. Unfortunately, due to the worldly influence found everywhere and peer pressure, we are looking for romance instead of an enduring love. We still have “Mr. Right-moments” from time to time. There are no 100% Mr. Right out there – for the mere reason we are all humans.

Being anything but Miss Right myself I find the idea of Mr. Right unfair and selfish. Plus, if I get someone, where is that person supposed to grow from there for several decades we are hopefully supposed to spend together? Where’s the adventure of turning the stones and see what lies beneath?

This does not mean that I would choose just anyone. One should keep our standards high or should I say set our standards right, and not settle for anything less. There’s a big difference between a mind commitment and heart commitment.

Every person should to go through heartaches, I believe, so as to have an ultimate experience of what loving and losing that love is all about. Sounds cruel but I believe that heartaches are part of living too. But, one should not hang a trespassing sign on the heart. After all, how would one experience blissful happiness and true love if one has not gone through disillusionment and failure? One can never really fathom the meaning of hunger if that same someone is always full and satisfied. Sometimes, failures are necessary but not to the extent that the same failure repeatedly happens or simply man-made tragedy in my dictionary.

“Let God write your love story,” is what my mother advocates when I went through a heartache.Β  God writes our love story and not us so we should give God the pen. But even when we suffer heartaches, and we do, it is all too tempting to say “God, could you just loan me the pen, just for a minute? I’ll just write one thing myself, and then I’ll give it right back.”

Now I actually do believe that God writes our love and life stories into His grand story. God and I are on the same side! Once in a while, I pray, “Lord, there is someone out there but you have to show him to me because I don’t know any!” Oh no – I am not in a rush as I want to find my Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now.

Can I get an AMEN??? πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Writing Love Story

  1. You got it – and I’ll give you an Amen (and the assurance that rushing isn’t the answer)!

    • Thanks for the Amen and the assurance to not rush which I did once. God, what was I thinking? πŸ™‚

      • I did too…twice – before I was 30. Then I waited through most of my 30s and have been married for 20 years. (and broke out in hives the day of our wedding because I couldn’t believe I was doing this again – even though I was 38)…:-)

  2. Kudos for these interesting thoughts! I would like to add something for consideration. I don’t believe there is just one Mr. or Ms. Right for any of us, otherwise the chance of meeting that one person out of the billions possible would seem REALLY unlikely. πŸ™‚ I heartily agree that one should never jump or settle – it should be more a matter of when you decide, decide for the reasons that are meaningful for you and then cherish that commitment.

    I definitely say “amen” to your gift for personal insight and the ability to put it into words.

    • Thank you and I truly agree with you that there is not just one Mr. Right just like we need different friends in our journey of life. And thats the reason I get Mr. Right moments at times πŸ™‚

  3. theskyinsideyou

    “Let God write your love story,” sometimes it’s simple statements like that that are more beautiful than many erudite words. Thank you for that, what an inspiring thought. And, it is true.

    • Simple statements like these pick us up in low times…but I would also truly say that it takes a lot of faith to actually keep believing in it!! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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