Woof Woof Woof

The driving force for today’s post is a heart-warming post from my blogger friend who reminded me of my adorable tubby-rub-alicious dogs who touch my heart with their fond memories.

Last year when I visited my cousin in UK, I met my cousin’s Sally – an adorable three-legged doggie. My cousin volunteers at an animal shelter. I have heard what being in a shelter can do to a dog or how dogs that are shifted around can “act up.” They just need someone to show them love and give them guidance. They don’t have that trust factor that goes along with getting adopted at a younger age. Sally was brought in with one of her hind leg broken — as  her leg was tied to a fence with a steel chain by her ruthless owners. My cousin felt some bond instantly when she saw Sally and she decided to adopt her. Her leg was amputated and now she is a happy doggie who has loves playing football with my cousins…and she fits in the family just like a piece of puzzle.

Then there is Whisky (my little miracle)…well, she is unique just like every doggie yet a little different. She is on her own schedule, her own march through life, and in her own world. She makes sure she lets us know she will be the “back up” if we need help fighting spiders and any intruders that might try to break in. She will sit on my lap or lay on my paper/book when I am trying to read. The sterile environment of a vet’s office makes her run in the opposite direction and its takes three to tango..err…to hold her while her doctor does her routine checkup. What appears to be madness however, may just be youthful enthusiasm for life and above average intelligence, only Whisky knows for certain. It’s an adventure in discovering what makes her tick. While still retaining her sense of fun, Whisky became disciplined enough to handle a move to a different city to live with my parents (due to my overseas travel) and bonded well with two other dogs who lived with my parents, Bruno and Champagne.

In my relationship with her , there is this essential intertwining of souls that exists in no other relationship. She is my “doggie soul-mate”. It makes me think about the role we play in our pets’ lives, for good and for bad. She taught me that a big hug, her favorite treat and a good long belly rub is all it takes to be happy, and often we (humans) forget to look beyond this while wishing for happiness.

At times when I feel low, sometime with her toy ball (gripped tightly in her mouth) and sometimes with a look, as if to say ‘I understand and am here for you’. Maybe it was the moment. Whatever it was, it was perfect..and it still is…everytime!!

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If you are a sucker for movies, watch Hachiko. Caution: Keep a Kleenex box handy and to know the storyline read further on.

There is a statue of a dog in the Shibuya train station in Tokyo. It was first set in place in 1934 to commemorate the loyalty and devotion of an Akita who waited for his master for ten years. The master was a university teacher, who died unexpectedly at work. It was the Akita’s habit to wait for his master’s return from work then walk home together. Because he could not understand why his master did not return, he faithfully waited until he died in his place at the station, where the statue was erected in his honor. This is the brief narration of a true story. He becomes a symbol of the devoted, loyal dog, man’s best friend.

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2 thoughts on “Woof Woof Woof

  1. I don’t think I can watch this – just like I couldn’t watch Marley and Me,, and was dissolved by Old Yeller…the story sounds incredible but my heart breaks upon reading your beautiful summary..I’m so glad you still have Whiskey…:-)

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