Little Miracles

Every day, there are things in our lives that we dismiss as luck or chance or simply take for granted. Certainly there are times when situations throw us completely off balance or make us feel vulnerable or afraid. But I think that most of the time we are so involved with our daily routine, whether it be with work, errands, chores and the like, that we forget to notice the things around us that make our lives better.

The truth is that, no matter what is going on in our lives, there are no ordinary moments, no minutes or seconds that are meaningless. And most of all, we will never get back those moments that pass without recognition. So, that is why it makes sense to look for and acknowledge the daily gifts that come by.

Only this morning, when I am visiting my parents for the weekend, I woke up hearing bird-song outside my bedroom window. Then I got up and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea made my dearest dad and freshly-baked cookies by my mom. Later during the day, I came upon my adorable black doggie, Whisky (she is addictive hence her name!!), taking advantage of a golden patch of sun glowing across the floor. I enjoyed some playful moments with my doggie, all the while feeling grateful for the little things, the many small pleasant gifts in my life, like hot tea and a happy doggie and singing birds.

At first glance these things may seem rather unimportant but when I think about what life might be like without them, I appreciate them all the more, and the bigger and more wonderful they seem to be. And if you think about it, you may agree that the little things are what either drive us crazy or make us happy. So, the little things in life really are important, even if they may not seem to be at the time.

For me, the best thing about recognizing such moments is that when I pay attention and open myself up to them, I notice them all the more and feel like I may even attract more of them my way. The end result is that I am happier and more content with my life and consider each day different in its own way.

Little miracles happen every day. Flowers bloom, babies are born, the sunshine warms our skin and we get to be a living, breathing part of the livin…recognizing the warm, special moments that make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.

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2 thoughts on “Little Miracles

  1. I love your post today! I believe in miracles, and I believe that they’re around us all the time if we’re fortunate enough to notice them. A patch of sun on your dog, the affection of your parents, the uniqueness of a bird’s song – wondrous all…as are you. 🙂

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