Exclusive space in a Relationship…!!

In my last blog, iSpace in a Relationship, I shared my views on how technology has created space in relationships. On the contrary, advancement in technology has, also, helped us bridge the communication gap and be more connected with everyone be it our family, friends or colleagues through myriad of options. However it has crunched our individual space…the exclusive time for ourself!!

Talking of space, especially, in a relationship always seems to send the wrong vibes that probably it is not working out? It might not be the case. Unless there is sort of disconnect between the two of you, there is nothing wrong in providing the adequate space to your partner…and having it yourself too.

Space is significantly beneficial for any relationship. Of course, not so much so as to become neglectful or simply drift apart from your partner. If there’s more space than not, would it really be called a relationship?

Psychologist Su  parna Das correctly explicates, “Giving space in a relationship means allowing your partner to think, feel and act as they want to as an individual. It is allowing the ‘you’ and the ‘me’ to co-exist with the ‘us’.”. Its time-out for oneself. Don’t cling to each other all the time. Feel connected by communicating with each other for some time. If you and your partner have different need for space, talk to each other and I firmly believe that ‘there is always a ‘middle path’.”

Your partner love you so much to get away from you sometime” ~ Jay in an episode of ‘My Wife and Kids’.

Remember: Don’t occupy a space in someone’s life that can’t easily be filled in your absence. That can apply to anything from renting a place together that one can’t afford alone or being only good girl-friend. Model independence by giving advice only when asked and saving heroic intervention for emergencies.

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