iSpace in a relationship!

When I was a child, there was no such thing as skype, facebook, orkut, netflix, gmail, eharmony, etc. Social networking sites hadn’t come around, and dating sites were scarce. Phones were on looped chords, cell phones looked like bricks, the internet was a shared phone jack line. Remember being outside, playing in the park, using your imagination, exercise, fresh air, jumping in puddles after rain, swimming, watching TV in a common room? Ah, the good old days!!

Families today that spend time together without any technology with them is rare indeed, but they are some of the closest and happiest families on the face of this planet. No, they are not conservative, non-techie crazy-families or whatever label you might have, just everyday families who actually take the time to be with their own and with their full attention.

Now, a lot of us are growing up in a “family of strangers“. True, we are always ‘connected’ but that is just about as much as being in the same room with a bunch of strangers that you don’t know, you’re connected, but there is no REAL connection. Today, Facebook and Twitter knows more about us than our families… 🙂

Let’s not turn into those chair-ridden blobs of people. We have forgotten what life is about. We are going dumber each generation…DNA of choices over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I’m sorry if you think otherwise but then I am easily misunderstood :).

Technology has shrunk the world and has made communication possible in many ways. iPhones, iPads, laptops and other portable electronics allows you to connect anywhere at anytime to the World Wide Web via Wi-fi or 3G connection. They have become such an integral part of life that it is hard to imagine a day without them.

I think that technology has affected the way that families interact positively and negatively because technology has also helped families to communicate with each other even from long distances. It allow us to contact family members on the other side of the globe in few seconds in ways never before seen. The twitter generation has brought about revolutions and today when the Tsunami hit it helped get information to people around the Pacific Ocean, and Facebook has become a noun, adjective and verb.

Technology makes long-distance relationships as easy as they can be – not replacing in person interaction, but far better than the days of handwritten letter in mail and long periods of waiting (Awww!!). Our interactions have lost the personal touch a bit. Instead of calling and actually talking to a friend or relative, we send them an email to “keep in touch”. We might have a hundred Facebook friends, but only interact with a handful of “friends” on a regular basis. I find myself texting someone rather than calling assuming I will be interrupting them from whatever they’re doing. And as far as conveying the intent and meaning, text message IS to be the worst medium out there.

Technology advances to make things more ‘convenient’ for people – the reality is technology is making us LAZY. Yes, I’m typing this on a laptop. However, considering the majority of the world is plugged in constantly, I’m bound to get much more attention here than I ever would running naked through the streets.

It could be a good thing, but just like everything else, we over-indulge and abuse certain actions. The connectedness and ease of interaction with others is often taken for granted. We are forgetting how to interact as families – everywhere you look you will see groups of friends and family sitting together and texting or on their mobile phones!! Not talking to the people they’re with but carrying on animated conversations with people they would rather be with (or not)!! I especially hate how people can’t be bothered to ring for a special day like a birthday or anniversary or even breakup (how insensitive). Instead they kill several birds with one stone and send a generic text or email ccing or bccing everyone on their contact list. Few would rather spend the ten minutes texting what would easily be a thirty-second phone call.

Each family is different and responsible for the way they handle all the new technology they welcome into their homes. Technology is powerful, it can be used to connect to (or disconnect from) each other. Our grandparents and parents have adapted the technology to blend with their needs…a lot of them are cribbing but most of them find that it can make life easier, bring families to together.

As this tech-heavy and lazy wave has crashed into family life we really can’t blame technology for the way we lead our life and how we handle our family relationships and family time. We might not see it, but it is there, just think about it. Everyone is drifting farther apart forgetting how to really bond and be together in simple ways.  Life changes, we need to adapt or at the very least, understand that nothing can really replace hearing someone’s voice or talking to them in person.


  • In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call to Watson. His words were “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.”
  • By 1890, there were over 200,000 bell telephone stations.
  • First cell phone call was made in 1973 on a portable phone weighing almost 2lbs.

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3 thoughts on “iSpace in a relationship!

  1. The Voice of a Soul

    This is so true! Thank you for sharing this with us dear 🙂

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