Change May Be Good

Remember the movie Bruce Almighty? Bruce gets angry with God over the changes in his life, and is just SO sure he can do a better job. Well, God decides to give Bruce charge of things for 7 days to see how it turns out. No guesses – of course, it’s a complete disaster, as God knew it would be. Bruce, being human, uses his new-found powers, and tilts the world off it’s own axis nearly. Phew!

Every day we want to make a change in our lives, be it personal or professional. For most of us, figuring out what to do, what’s in the way and how to get to a better place is a constant struggle. Our personal relationships, family, work and life can feel so difficult if we don’t feel empowered to make the changes we so desire.

Why each of us have a desire quite often to make change in our life and yet we don`t always seem to be successful in making it happen? Why we have the desire and yet why we can`t seem to attain the changes we consciously tell ourselves we want so badly?

I love the fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Identify what you want and then create YOUR plan to get there. It’s YOUR method that works that can propel you to the top. Organize your thoughts which are practical, realistic, and doable, break the cycle of bad habits and accept responsibility. Explore your own resistance and obstacles, as well as understanding your own individual unique approach to change not just temporarily but PERMANENTLY.

Make a change in your life and make it happen for good…where you want (and need) to go in life….in which you can make significant change! YOU DO have control over the process of making change happen as long as “you” take responsibility.

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