I wish for a wish…

  • when everything was perfectly fine. No, those times weren’t perfect, but I just felt no pain. No regrets, no guilt, no hurt.
  • the times when nothing ever really mattered.
  • the fact that just hearing the theme music of my favourite shows brought the brightest of smiles on my face.
  • the great times I had with my cousins during our vacations.
  • my childish perspective of the world and people.
  • my childhood love – a nice sweet boy who adored everything I did.
  • the shared laughter with over silly things.
  • being a kid. It seems the older I get, the tougher life gets.
  • the simplicity in life. The more we attain, the more places we visit, the more we acquire, it just never ends no matter how we say we will keep it simple, we simply don’t.
  • some aspects of my past. ( Its said that what happened in the past is what made you what you are today. But sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I changed few things?)
  • the amazement with which I used to see and discover the world around me, before everything became so blurry.
  • the euphoric feeling of requited love.
  • listening to Grandpa‘s stories over and over again.
  • my sleep!
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