THE Luck Factor

Do you sometimes find yourself fantasizing about being lucky? There was a particularly large lottery recently that seemed to get many people excited about purchasing tickets and fantasizing about what they would do if they were to win the largest lottery sum ever. In truth, at the start of such a lottery, we are all equally potential winners, even though the odds are definitely long shots, and we can better our odds by purchasing more tickets. However I don’t think we are equally lucky, and the way we feel about luck proves it.

Many of us find luck elusive and capricious, and it’s true that while some seem to be naturally lucky, others seem to have no connection at all (I fall in this category)! And what about those people who consider themselves unlucky? In my opinion, luck is much more than just a cosmic whim. I feel our relationship to luck is strongly aligned with our own attitude toward it and the choices we make can actually go a long way into creating our own luck.

For example, some of the luckiest people have actually created good luck by looking at problems and stumbling blocks as opportunities. These people just don’t give up when things look bleak or walls seem insurmountable. It is true that when trying to tackle a problem, there is always the possibility one won’t overcome it. That said, if one quits before even giving it a good try, you are most likely eliminating any chances at generating good luck in their favor.

Being aware of the pros and cons of opportunities that come our way is a very important part of creating our own good luck. Remember the lyrics, “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them.”  A good card player knows when to stay in the game and when to fold his cards. Often what we mistake as luck, can be simply the fact of having experience and using good judgment. People we may perceive as lucky could just know how to pay attention and to do their research. In this way, they have become good at judging when to move forward and when to step back, thus improving their luck.

Many people we think of as lucky are just very good at preparing for success and they are not afraid of hard work. Preparing for success also affects how often one enjoys what we perceive as good luck. If we want to become an actor we take acting classes, have head shots taken and look for a good agent. Instead of sitting around passively waiting for luck to our way, we need to be proactive. Prepare ourself by working towards our goals. Then when an opportunity comes, we will be ready to shine.

If we want to dance more often with Lady Luck, we need to take luck into our own hands. Make up our mind and go after what we want. That’s how we make good luck happen, right?

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8 thoughts on “THE Luck Factor

  1. I love this post and it definately gives me something to think about. I believe that lucky people are people that follow their instincts and create (and use those) opportunities for themselves. Ur not going to be lucky just sitting there, you have to out there with the opportunity to get lucky.

  2. I agree – you can help perpetuate luck AND you can certainly perpetuate some lousy karma…better to focus one’s efforts on the former! 🙂

  3. really enjoy your blog

  4. julio cesar lemus

    lo cierto es que manteniendo la mente positiva la suerte vendra en camino. siembra semillas positivas obtendras frutos positivos.- julio cesar.-

    • Julio – I used web translator to understand what you said in Spanish. You said “The true thing is that maintaining the positive mind the luck will come in way. sowing positive seeds you will obtain positive fruits.” Thanks for the lovely thought!! 🙂

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