To text or Not – Thats The Question!

P.S. The flowchart is kind-a-fun, but take this with a grain of salt…don’t use a flow chart to make your own decisions. 

I bet you are confused – When should you do it? OR When should you not do it?

With life being so multi-dimensional and gadget-dependent, texting happens to be the easiest thing. It has replaced the phone as the instrument of rude mannerisms. It is great for sweet nothings during the day, to tell someone you’re running late, to ask for directions, or when you’re in a meeting and too busy to talk. Otherwise, as a means of communication, it SUCKS.

Sure, it starts out as harmless, but it can easily lead to some poor miscommunication even if illicit substances are not mixed in. It can sabotage any attraction, in any kind of relationship. Personally, there should never ever be a meaningful conversation that should take place via text be it asking anyone out, cancelling a meet or ending a relationship.

In ancient times, before the advent of portable phones, when we had to show up in person because it was not possible to reach people by phone at the last-minute – everyone made more effort – maybe that’s the downside to this lifestyle, as people we are just as disposable as the phones we use. Texting doesn’t allow the sender from seeing an initial reaction. This can be good or bad. More than anything it is something to consider the next time you race to share workplace information via text or email. Ask yourself if the reaction to the information could be different from you expect it to be. If the answer is yes, consider using the phone or an in-person meeting to minimize the impact of your news or information.

Texting is pedestrian behaviour in a budding relationship. It can be the work of the devil hence it should really be reserved for when you get to know someone well, but with caution.  I have found myself wound up too many times interpreting what might or might not be behind the dynamic. Even with seemingly banal stuff. I believe it’s better to go out and interact with a person in real life before text messages may get misconstrued electronically. Now I am much more likely to make a call.

My mantra: When in doubt, DO NOT TEXT!

P.S. There indeed was a Texting Lane in Philadelphia, now designate part of the pavement as “e-lanes” suitable for chronic texters and digital music aficionados – although only through the end of the week.

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