Refreshing Tingle of Seasons

When the seasons start to change, I get a surge of excitement and tranquility…a sense of wonderment…feel a different kind of inspiration flowing through me. I listen when nature says “here once more is a time of change”. It is a new beginning…a chance to make it better. It is like wearing a new clothes. It gives me refreshment from the one that is to be changed. It is invigorating, beautiful, exciting, and emotional. The cycle is never ending, and I appreciate every single season for what it brings. A forever anything would be soul crushing, ain’t it? We need change.

Every season expresses different feelings. Each has their own beauty…I love looking back on the other seasons when the season wakes up, shakes itself, and moves on to the next such as the orange leaves of the Fall, the white color of the Winter, the blossom of the leaves in Spring, and the active and very lively Summer. There is a refreshing tingle of renewing senses. The feel of the air, smells around you, and sights of changing plant life, the taste of seasonal foods. Curling up with a good book and relaxing to the sound of rain. Ah!!

Seasons hold the power to inspire hope of something new, something better and something exciting. Beautiful and different all the time…never the same yet always familiar…a change of season holds the promise of things to come…a newness and uniqueness that remains unrivalled by anything the greatest of human minds can create. To be honest, it’s like a calling for certain moods, themes, etc.

Right now we are transitioning from the cold months of winter into the rejuvenating times of spring, although Summer will be here before I can blink twice. I’d have to say summer is my favorite because there is always something to do. It provides so much more outdoor time because it’s warmer and hotter!

When Winter turns to Spring it brings new life. It makes me feel joy, clean and fresh. It is a new beginning and a second chance…to open my heart, my eyes and my abilities…makes me get out and feel good…a feeling of love and friendship…happiness and giggles…friends and furry animals…simply, it makes me smile 🙂 just like a refreshing break from a busy day. Life returns to all the plants and everything that was once dead, awakens.

And then, Spring rolls into Summer. Summer feels like a bright smile across a room full of strangers…about building relationships and making friends…longing and romance. It feels sexy and sleek ;)…feels like passion and pleasure…like the sky is the limit and like life will never end. Pure bliss, endless imagination and undying hope!!

BUT, change in seasons also prompt me to examine my life – What do I most value? What have I outgrown or no longer need? Which new oppurtunity is trying to spring forth? How do I need to transform? How can I let it happen? What in my life is no longer worth keeping? What in my life is not worth losing? What can I do for myself? Uhmmm…I will see how map of my heart will look like.

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