Free the girls – Collect Bra!

Human trafficking is an epidemic that hides behind war, economy, religion, and politics. People are clueless at how many children are held captive. We need to get deeper into the ‘what’, ‘wheres’, and ‘whys’ of trafficking. Don’t assume that traffickers are always men.  One woman sold her own 6 year old daughter and what kind of a man wants such a small child??

Credit: Free The Girls Website

Free the Girls® is one such a foot in the door. A non-profit organization that provides job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking. It helps raise awareness about human trafficking and provide sustainable job opportunities for women who are rescued out of slavery. It is committed to provide real jobs and real opportunities for trafficking survivors. The women are educated to run their own business and this model has proven very successful for them. They have been able to make almost an average weeks pay in one day. Giving them time to continue their education, take care of their family, and set their own work schedule.

I can’t even begin to imagine what these women have been through, but I do know that we can take a stand and help improve their lives and give them jobs so they never have to go back to that dark place again. Let Bras liberate women from sex slavery.

Kimba Langas is a Co-Founder at Free The Girls which is a cause-focused apparel company launched in August 2010. It was his pastor from church who came with this idea as he was moving to Mozambique for missionary work and wanted her assistance in running the project with him. Kimba likes to refer to herself as an “accidental abolitionist.”  She never knew that this project would become so close to her heart and would fill her house with bras as soon as she launched the Free The Girls Facebook page.

They collect gently used bras and ship those bras to their partner safehouse in Mozambique.  The bras provide initial inventory for women rescued out of sex trafficking to start their own microbusiness selling the bras. Why bras? Let’s accept it, our underwear drawer is most likely stores few bras we don’t wear anymore or that never fit right in the first place. Ironically, owning even one bra is a luxury in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa as a status symbol and a mark of sophistication.

Thanks Free the Girls for helping us help others!!

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