Reading Fascinates Me…

Today, while reading a lovely blog: “What Blogging Has Taught Me“, a similar thought struck me – “Why reading fascinates me?”

So how did this fascination start? Hmmm…During my junior school days, we had a reading class in which we had to read a book which we check out from the school library. That’s when I was hooked to fiction novels of Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys, etc. I started reading voraciously and my frequent trips to the library started. But so worth it! It was my second home. I can remember staring at all the books there and feeling so rich. It took me to a different world (…and still does)!!

Most of the time I would stay a couple of hours just running my fingers over the spines and pulling a book out occasionally to look it over, taking my time to pick out the two I would check out. Sometimes I would sit and begin one right there delaying the time when I would have to return home to do homework. I wanted this place to be my bedroom. But, alas!!

It’s such a good feeling when I begin reading and get hooked immediately. I’m on a roll!

Yes, another great book…

  • To read in between other books.
  • which are written with such gentleness and illumination that I just love swimming in their words.
  • which gives me a hard time moving on to a new book as it just sticks in my mind.
  • which I had no desire to read but the ending was just perfection!
  • that have a unique way of describing feelings that made me say to myself, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?!”
  • which I decide to re-read because I remember parts of it but there are so many things I have forgotten that’s it’s actually enjoyable.
  • which are un-put-downable and I just wish I hadn’t finished it so quickly.
  • which are those I find myself sneaking to read in those few moments of downtime.
  • Life-changer. Perspective-shifter. Game-changer.

I am embarrassed to say that there are few books I would never read! I know it is inexcusable but it had tears in my voice before the end of the first chapter. But, they are a classic! And, I had a hard time about half way through few books and wasn’t sure I was going to finish it, but I kept slogging through and I’m glad I did!

Have my reading habits changed? Good question! I think I’d have to say no. I still love a good story…still looking for escape…still looking for something that is well written. And, really, that’s about it. When I am doing nothing beside work, eat, sleep, bath, etc…I am simply reading…be it a book, newspaper, newspaper, blogs, journals or forums…indiscriminately reads everything in sight. A person who reads, period, no matter what it is?

 “We read to know that we are not alone.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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5 thoughts on “Reading Fascinates Me…

  1. anthonyvenable110

    I have a love for reading as well that started in kindergarten and grew from there. Thanks so much for this article.

  2. I love to see other people’s passion for reading. I can completely relate!

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