Convert heels…In a snap (Literally)

“It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes, that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

Well..well…which lady didn’t envy or dream of owning each pair of high heels of Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) in Sex and the city. (Me…me!!) A shoe lover with a penchant for expensive designer shoes. Wow!! I envied her each time she went to buy shoes during her low times. Being a show-addict myself, I surely do not dive myself into buying designer shoes (in my dreams, probably) and then have my friends rescue me from debts.

Being a shoe addict especially with high heels…Flats…ah! they are for grandmoms. There have been times when I have worn sneakers to office to quickly change in heels stacked in last drawer in my cubicle before starting my work (power dressing). Oh yes! I see many of you nodding your head. I have sighed when I have to let go of an amazing pair of high heels with the fact that I will be unable to wear it more frequently as much as I want to.

Candice Cabe, similar to me, wanted variations in heels for wide spectrum of events came up with an idea – to have one pair of shoes that allowed me to interchange the heel heights. And an incredible practical solution for people like me who cant walk out their door without heels was born. Day2Night, a pair of  shoes that feature interchangeable heels of differing heights–they range from  1.5″ to 3.5″–that snap in and out in an instant. Patent pending!

Would want to see more styles and colors as many black heels have tip-toed in my cupboard.

And yes, all good things come with a price tag!  *chuckles*

For Fun: Have a look at some inspirational Weird and Unusual heels (Ouch!!)

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