I will laugh when life is busy making other plans for me!!

Who hasn’t had bad days? Bad weeks, months, even years? We all have. Everyone has rough patches to get through – a loss or two of some sort or another. When you’ve come up against tragedies you have no control over you can choose to roll over and die, or laugh your way back to living. Seriously, any idiot can be happy when things go right. You have to go on with life even when it didn’t seem like living.

I thought I had issues in life. I’m actually embarrassed to even think that my life has been any where NEAR the disappointments that people around me have…who have lost a family member, a job or even a dream. I never thought I would smile again, let alone laugh but I learnt that I was stronger than I thought. I can remember over-hearing few things about me and receiving some nasty ot perplexed looks – but in the end, it is me who must cope and do whatever is necessary to carry on.

I need to take charge of my life, despite my adversities, and feel ashamed of myself for feeling so sorry for myself when all I need is a good attitude adjustment. I just need someone to cry with…not to tell me how to deal with life which sucks but someone who knows how I feel inside. Be able to express all my feelings, sorrow and joy and everything in between. Repressing them makes me numb right now. To fight or to try and change them just doesn’t work. I need to come out from under the covers of unhappiness and simply cope with negative punches.

It is important, if not necessary, of allowing myself to let go, be sad or even devastated and cry my heart out at times for specific reasons or none in particular. However, in order to get through hard times, for whatever reasons, I must only allow these bouts of despair to last a certain period of time in order to prevent a total breakdown.

If you put yourself in the shoes of a person going through a personal crisis, regardless of whether you deem it to be so or not, you cannot judge them because it is their lives, their situations, their families who is going through. You might be going through some agonizing, heartbreaking experiences yourself, but you can relate to the pain to get through your own turmoil.

There is always a bigger picture, one that we can’t always see, and we just have to accept things as they are because there are certain things we have absolutely no control over. No matter how bad things seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We have to see how to get through that tunnel.

Your attitude towards life’s hardships hand you a roadmap that you can use as a guide. You can have extraordinary good or bad experiences but you have to make choices about how to live your life in spite of what is handed to you. You can accomplish when life tells you that you don’t have a chance.

Here’s all I know about pain: Nobody wants any, and everybody gets some.

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