I have spent half of my life…

  • for a pretty hairstyle which suits me
  • for the perfect dress when I am going out for a special occassion
  • for my knight in shining armour who will sweep me off my feet (where the &^!$ is the knight?)
  • untangling headphones
  • thinking of joining the gym
  • doing eenie-meenie-mina-mo for important decisions (if life could be so simple!)
  • fantasizing of experiences that felt and seem real and where anything I wanted to happen suddenly could.
  • dreaming with my eyes wide open wondering what I want to do which I enjoy
  • enjoying the slurpy licks of my dog on my face when I reach back home after work
  • finding true friends and half of it keeping them
  • planning for my birthday party to have fond memories that would last (although twice it had sucked!)
  • trying to turn the other half around looking for the reasons things must change
  • reading books and trying to concentrate
  • making funny faces at kids and enjoying their amused expressions
  • getting wet in the rain and jumping in mud puddles
  • staying in bed until noon on saturdays
  • just living my life and other time analyzing it
  • trying to remember the name of people I meet after a long time (duh!)
  • watching romantic movies and wishing for a happily-ever-after story
  • loving all the little pleasures that make life
  • wishing today is the first day of the rest of my life!!
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