Grandpa – My BEST Man!

How important a role a grandparent play in our lives are and what an amazing generation our grandparents were/are – both a fascination and an inspiration!! Their blessings are what fills our emptiness, heals our loneliness, and connects us more deeply to life.

Today is my grandfather’s birthday, whom the kids in family fondly call Baba.

Happy Birthday to dearest baba…I surely do miss you!!

He was a patriarchal figure, having a personality as firm and strong as a tree, his roots sunk deep into richness of family values and tradition. Man of great wisdom, who never got tired looking over his shoulder and see things differently. During childhood, although I did not share his beliefs, in his strength of conviction, he taught me the purpose of a life, the reasons for joy, and the acceptance of self.

Having Zen-like simplicity, an intensely private man and despite his bouts of callousness, he was a sensitive man. He could be petulant and rough, but this was driven by his passion and pursuit of perfection. His intentions were very honorable. He liked people to stand up to him, and he said that brutal honesty was required in order to succeed in life.

I relish the time that I shared with my baba exploring the small joys in life while others hurry to their appointed tasks…this small girl enjoyed the warm comfort of his lap and having a special dance with him every sunday!!!

Visits to the zoo, long walks in a nearby park or scooter rides, or simply sitting in the balcony enjoying a glass of milk…we explored the fun and a bonding that baba and I shared. I would raise a topic and let him expound on it – I would just sit quietly and listen. He loved to tell stories, and he would get very emotional, especially when talking about people in his life whom he admired or disdained.

He wiggled my ears when I was naughty and, gave kisses and miniature chocolates on my achievements which he secretly kept in his cupboard. Having him around during the childhood days, I noticed Grandfather’s temper growing shorter and his love growing larger. Wonderfully weathered old man, whose eyes smiled brighter than his mouth. “But you are my favorite” was a high praise when he hugged me to sleep next to him.

His vital influence upon family’s life are evident, for the memories of him that consist of deep questions and wise insights, yet I was only 14 years of age when he died of a heart attack. He is still fondly remembered as the BEST Man in my life – both a fascination and an inspiration!!

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