When the pieces of the puzzle just fit…

Make a list of what you want – a man, money, and a wardrobe with designer clothes – and meditate. If that worked, we would all be married, rich, and chic. But it is not within our power to make it happen. If only we had a crystal ball to tell us when the great moments of our life will occur. Oh, if it was only that simple!!

Aristophanes, the ancient Greek playwright, told a myth about love. Men and women, he said, were originally one being with a single head and two faces turned in opposite directions. These original human beings had four arms and four legs, and each was supremely happy. They were as complete as a circle.

But God Zeus was jealous of mankind, so he sent a thunderbolt to split humans in two. Ever since men and women have tried to restore their original nature by finding their other better half. When that happens, according to the myth, a man and a woman are lost in an amazement of love, friendship, and intimacy.

There is something to be said for waiting, because those who are not serious are not likely to be patient. One cannot turn someone who is not serious into one who is, no matter how much one admits to be in love with someone. We don’t choose who we love. After all, it doesn’t take long to realize a shoe doesn’t fit.

Love comes when it has to come, not when we decide it should come. When the right person comes into our life, they will be as they will be, and we will love them as they are. One can’t hunt for someone the way we hunt for an elephant. The relationship we want is unique and special. Someone who truly loves you will want to make you thy own. It will happen the way unique and perfect things in life happen…when one is ready, when one least expects it, when it is time.

Some things are meant to happen out of the blue, like seeing a shooting star, catching a glimpse of a rainbow, or meeting the special someone. Meeting someone you can spend your life with is like seeing a shooting star. The space in our life is there for a reason and it cannot be filled by just anyone. That space is there for the person who belongs there. That is where that person fits!

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