What a Difference…!!

As life unfolds it has only got better. Not easier, but steadily a little more difficult, interesting, meaningful and challenging. But most of all that I have been lucky enough to discover depths and layers of love I’d never even imagined, love that almost hurts.

I sit and reminisce the days gone by, I feel greatful and thankful for several moments and what a different they made in my life.

  • For the chance each of us has to offer that moment to others though our listening and our respect, and the chance to make what we choose of that moment when it’s our turn.
  • It is amazing the difference it makes sometimes when someone just reaches into the heart of your experience and names it, and sits there with you in it.
  • For the opportunity to be uncomfortable. In the strange and lonely corners of discomfort is where I find those moments of beautiful sadness when life pulsates vibrantly around me and within me, opening my heart to accept the raw and the brutal equivocally with the selfless and kind.
  • For second chances. Deserved or undeserved, but truly given without reservation. Given to me but most importantly, the one I gave to myself.
  • For my brother, engineering his clever way to great things.
  • For life beating me into submission, because that’s how I learn to fight with compassion instead of fury. I’m not broken, I’m bendable, and I am learning to survive anything. Damaged goods are the best kind there are.
  • For neurons that can be re-wired, along new pathways.
  • For the gift of being my parent’s daughter.
  • For broken relationships as they have helped me to learn who and how to trust.
  • For the confidence to be alone, and not lonely. (This one is tough!!)
  • …and many more.

To all the moments which inspires me to show the world that I have numerous moments to smile and keep my chin high. This reminds me of an inspirational song “What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life“.

Use your wisdom from your experiences but never let them hold you back from seeing greatness.

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