No Yin without the Yang…!!!

This time my life is not in a great place. I knew 2012 would be challenging, but I didn’t expect what I got! I am one among millions of people on this planet who have endured countless trials (or am I making my circumstance look more important than global warming or terrorism??). Uhmmm…well, my depth of suffering is not to highlight my vainglory. Instead, I NEED to believe in something greater than my circumstances which will allow me to understand how I am dealing in relationship with others in addition to the direction my life is heading in.

As Shad Helmstetter aptly puts it: “When it comes down to it, it isn’t the major choices we make in life – career, marriage, etc. – that count the most. It is the everyday, minor decisions that make life work for us.

Sometimes the major choices are difficult because no choices are significantly “better” or awful. Sometimes when we think about the big things first or at least too much we neglect that it is the small things that make up the big thing. We live our lives on the cusp of fate…

While life passes me by, I learnt that people can ONLY give me options but I have to make the choice and decide whats best for me. In today’s world, many of us are also spoilt with choices.

No matter how minor or major a decision it is, your life is shaped by your choices and one’s choice might have an impact on your family or loved ones…but sometimes we just have to make it. I owe it to my past, to be who I AM right now, so my future can thank me later.

I will not wait for someone/something to ruffle my feathers…I will have to get up and go to a land I am not familiar with! I am/ will be scared! I will be hesitant and apprehensive — but I will move on…leaving room for life’s surprises. I do not know what the future holds, but I am hoping for greener grass.

Life lessons will continue to make a way into my life. But I will not create a list of things I want to avoid in my life/ relationship — instead I will jot down what I admire. I will create the list of things I did not want and I got it…blessings in disguise! I will not try to control how, when, where and why. I will not let the number of times I fell, but the number of times I will stand up and be whole again which will define my existence.

I never try to make my world positive ‘cos I know I am going to encounter bouts of negativity. I am AFRAID to “go with the FLOW of what is natural.” but for so long I wished I could be someone else until I found out it was cool to be ME.

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