Today is a special day…it’s my mother’s birthday! :)


Happy Birthday, Mummy!!

One looks into my mother’s beautiful eyes and I see a thousand things. Her eyes are always busy. Who might need me? Who needs a button fixed? She is a multi-species mom. She knows if I’m happy, “really” happy, “sort of” happy, “trying to act happy” happy, or “completely miserable” happy. She can sense my stress level simply by staring at the moon.

Mom knows it ALL!!

In my life, the question has gone from “How does Mom know?” to the more scarier “How much more does Mom know that I dont know she knows” to the much baffling “How much more could possibly be there to find out?” Uhhmmm…quite a lot. She wants to know all the “Its” which goes on in my life. She got to know everything even when I tried to put the mother-proof lid as if she has been endowed with super-powers to see what goes on. So eventually I gave up and now she is my secret-keeper!

Years and years before internet, my mom was my one-woman information for tips on shopping, exercise, savings, etiquette, organizing, driving, studies and relationships. Now, I beg mom for advice and then snap at her for giving her opinion. I call mom from miles away to ask her what to do and then reject her suggestion. I turn to mom for every crisis and then get annoyed at her for butting in on my life. The only thing more annoying than receiving the advice is the fact that in every case, with few exceptions, Mom is mostly right 😉

I know we don’t always see eye to eye but we laugh, we cry and I know I can tell her anything. I love her just so much!!

For putting it all in perspective, every one should keep mom close by.

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3 thoughts on “Today is a special day…it’s my mother’s birthday! :)

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