Little pleasures that make life…

Life’s little pleasures has given us many more blessings than we have allowed ourselves to receive. Some make me laugh, others cry, and others to say, “Oh wow!”

  • Enjoying a hot cup of morning tea made by my father
  • Receiving a call from my best friend staying miles away when I need her the most
  • Enjoying the silence without having to say a word to your best friend
  • Laughing over childhood memories with your cousins in wee hours of the morning
  • Reading ‘I Love You’ in an email from my younger brother who doesn’t express it everrrrrrrr
  • Blowing water bubbles
  • Indulging in amateur photography
  • Going through a bad relationship and realizing later that it ended for good.
  • Enjoy a good giggle with family and friends
  • Waking up by noon on weekends
  • Snuggling in a soft blanket on a couch to watch a favorite movie
  • Going through the ‘My Pictures’ folder on my laptop and re-living those moments..brings back nostalgic memories.
  • Feeling lucky to get the last tickets to newly released movie
  • Singing “single lady” at the top of my lungs in the shower like superstar Beyoncé.
  • Going pee after having to hold it in from being in the car for hours
  • Lying near the lake and count the stars while cool breeze blowing over my body
  • Running into someone I haven’t met for a long time (when you know you actually look good ;))
  • Taking a hot shower and hopping into bed to sleep
  • Reading a good book transports me to a different world which is tranquil, stress-free and helps me you fall asleep instantly.
  • Getting wet in the rain and jumping in mud puddles
  • Receiving a hug from my mom which seems to drain away my low times
  • Getting ID-ed at the bar in my 30′s.. WOW!!
  • Travelling to some place which is not-so-touristy
  • Seeing snow for the first time in years 🙂
  • Receiving an email from my little cousin brother how he would kick anyone who hurts me
  • When my dog wakes me up with a jarring lick over my face and then snuggling next to me voluntarily and won’t budge a smidge when I try to move her.
  • Seeing this list grow and…

…and more to go. What are your life’s pleasures?

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