The Confederacy of Dunces – A misunderstood masterpiece!!

At first I wondered what on earth I was reading. This won the Pulitzer??! What the heck is going on and thinking that its boring and droning. But I continued and its good that I trudged past the beginning when I thought it was going to be terrible. An enjoyable read with a protagonist too incredible for words. Perhaps among the best books that not many have heard of.

The book, The Confederacy of Dunces, is brimming with goofy characters and takes you through such absurd situations that you will remember them forever.

You will be taken with him inside his world where you will marvel at the absurdity of Ignatius’s (the protagonist) ramblings. I’ll admit to be chuckling at times while reading this book for its tongue-in-cheek humor. You will develop a love-hate connection with the characters that made this book so funny and such a quick page-turner.

The book will definitely be a different read – not necessarily worse or better, but different!! At the end you will have someone (Ignatius) you will love to hate!! =)

Read it and be the judge.

About the author, John Kennedy Toole, committed suicide in 1969. His mother found the hand-written manuscript. She brought them to a publisher, who was blown away by Toole’s draft, and the rest is history – the novel earned him a Pulitzer Prize!!

Note to Self: Find ‘The Neon Bible– a book by Toole’s, which he wrote when he was only 17.

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