Relationship status…ahem?? :/

I got an interview call from HR of a reputed organization who apart from my current job profile was persistent in knowing why I was single and curious for no plans for marriage. Hellooo – this is a personal choice and is that a criterion to evaluate my capabilities for a job. Well, this makes me ponder on relevance of one’s relationship status beyond marriageable age.

Marriage, well, not sure if I see myself in it sometime soon as it send shivers down my spine ‘cos of my past relationship/commitment experiences. No! I am not a commitment phobic. I consider a relationsip as a life long bond between two unknown souls who may have not shared anything more than a few smiles, texts, movie-coffee dates, long phone calls…not merely a relation established only after circling the sacred fire (a tradition in hindu indian wedding). Wonder if many know and understand what “Arthecha kamecha dharmecha nati charami” during their wedding and what it is to promise “mangalyam tantu nanena mama jeevana hetunam.” Those who know what they are into know how to honor it.

Is just a compulsion of society? If you love someone truly by your mind and body, why do we need anyone’s seal of approval to be happy together. For me, you don’t need to make promises of a lifetime. If you can look into each other’s eyes today, and your heart tells you that this is the person you should be spending your today with, that should be enough… *awwww*

If you don’t like the job, all you need is a month’s notice. If you fall out of love, you need may be a few month’s notice. But marriage…uhhmm? Everyone marries thinking this is it – I am going to spend the rest of my life with the other person I chose. Sometimes in extreme situations, you take extreme measures. Believe me.. No one ever marries in this world thinking they can undo if they didn’t like. Even in the third world countries, there is no revert policy.

Unconditional love is just a flickering light that comes and goes, and keeps the relation alive. If not for that promise of finding unconditional love one day, everything would come to a standstill.

You never know whom you have married till you wake up one day after your honeymoon is over and still can say “I love you” to the person sleeping next to you.. 🙂

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