She is no ‘Cindrella’…!!

Unlike in Cinderella‘s story, today’s woman does not shy away from her sadness. She does not pretend to be happy when she is not. Of course, she might not be sharing her sob story however it is easy to gauge how she feels in her relationship with her ‘right man’.

I grew up reading ‘Nancy Drew’, an independent girl leading an adventurous life solving mysteries was lucky to found her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, as her pillar-of-strength. Thus, an imago of ‘right man’ was created for me! Now, is there a ‘right man’? Don’t think anyone can get an answer to that…;)

Let’s face it. As much as we don’t care to admit it, there are many facets to a woman who are only misunderstood.

She is funny (sometimes in a somewhat self-deprecating way) and tends to appear as unsure of herself, but is also intellectually witty and surprisingly insightful…fretting about her love life and her social theories…has panic attacks over marriage but still clings to the relationships.

She wants to be a complete epicurean who wants to believes in hedonism but at the same time ignores and dismisses her own feelings in the process to find true love. She denies her feelings with the fear of being crushed. She’s skeptical and cynical but ultimately also an idealist, helping people and give them direction and unconditional love.

She is afraid of losing her freedom by settling with a safer lifestyle but also loves variety and change. She is a powerful woman but willingly gives up her power in order to have a happy family life and perfect children.

She wants to appear refined, respectable and feminine – in other words perfect for marriage with a perfect man. She looks behind the appearance and falls in love with someone who can satisfy her deeper needs. She represses her anger to avoid tension but sometimes may differ with other viewpoints.

In shuttling between her demanding job and her personal life, she is trying to cope up with the stress by herself. The only ‘wise’ advice from family is to quit her job and manage her personal life which should hold the importance in her life. Why is managing the house considered ‘the job’? She has created a niche for herself and why should she be asked to surrender it?

A survey was conducted about the best paid career and the result amazed everyone – If being a house wife was a career, it would have been one of the highest paid profession in the world!! *Woohoo*

The past couple of years have seen the longest leap in women’s lifestyle. Our grandmothers were bound to unhappy unions and there was no bail out. Today, she is an independent and liberated woman. She will go to extremes to work out her relationship and is not ready to give up easily.

However, remember, against all odds, she can afford to chuck the glass slipper which doesn’t fit!!

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