Oops…Did I did it again??

Some might shrug it off. Some might ignore its impact on themselves. Some might cover it up with a lie or a pretty convincing excuse. Or by simply admitting the mistake. Yes – each mistake is dealt with in a different way. Its how people handle their own mistake.

“I’ve acquired quite a taste For a well-made mistake”

Fiona Apple, A Mistake

It easy to accept your mistake but is it easy to announce it to the world from a hilltop? How often are we expected to tell — in the clearest language possible — that it screwed up, providing every detail possible about the nature of the mistake and what caused it? Sometimes it is difficult to detail everything out as the cause might have been overlooked or neglected with the optimism that it is not that crucial for a positive outcome. And then we fail!

Detailing out a mistake is required in science and admitting a mistake is really the essence of scientific heroism. However, as embarrassing as it might seem to most people, in  a human world, no matter how cautiously you choose your words, someone will always twist them around, misinterpret what you say. and lead others to misjudge you.

With my mistakes, I have learnt what didn’t work, who believed, and people who know you do not need words or explanations ‘cos they understood.

Note: Few mistakes which are made or happened make you seek for fresh breath of air however its disheartening and much difficult to see its impact on your loved ones… :/

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