Battle at Kruger

YouTube’s founder’s favorite video: “Battle at Kruger” – the priceless eyewitness footage of life as it happens.

An exciting amateur video shot by American Tourists Buzz Budzinski and Jason Schlosberg in Kruger National Park, South Africa which captures the spectacular circle of life as it plays out at a rather crowded watering hole. The cast of characters includes: a herd of cape buffalo, a pride of lions, and an opportunistic crocodile; at the center of all the action: a terrified, defenseless calf.

One of the oldest video which perfectly demonstrates that against all odds, even the weakest survive if they stand together.

Best YouTube comment: “This could be the greatest 8 minutes of nature ever!”

Fun Facts:

  • Kruger Park Trivia: The first motorists entered the park in 1927 for a fee of one pound (about 21 US cents).  Today, the entrance (conservation) fee is 120 Rand (about US$18) per person.
  • If you Google “Battle at Kruger” it comes up with about 8,660,000 results.
  • 65 million views and counting thus setting a record for itself.
  • “Battle at Kruger” is now frequently used as a metaphor.
  • Battle at Kruger is a phenomenon referred by celebrities in their interviews or during discussions
  • Calling the Battle at Kruger “YouTube’s patron saint of effort” ESPN reports on how the video helped the New Orleans Hornest make one of the biggest first-round upsets in NBA playoff history.
  • The Washington Wizards used a herd mentality after watching “The Battle at Kruger” to defeat the New Jersey Nets last Friday. Holy buffalo!
  • Battle at Kruger was a quiz topic in KLM Airlines’ in flight magazine, Holland Herald. How cool!


If you havent yet watched this, you should immediately as this is one of the most powerful web video.

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