We are all zombies in the alien land not knowing what we want, what our heart wants. For me, love is an alien land where one is dragged blindfolded by some invisible force on which we have no control! Its’ definitely a Cinderella or Cinder-fella story ‘cos we might have a partner whom we love but fail to connect with, most of the times, and at other times think that we would have led a similar life with anyone.

Nobody can fall in love at the right moment, with the right person under right circumstances. That would be too perfect a situation for anyone, eh!


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2 thoughts on “Alien-love-land!

  1. Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more that most of us grown up in an environment where we are girls were expected to be more “girly and womanly” and “boys” to be more men like. It starts with how we talk to young girls. We break the ice with little girls by complimenting on how cute they are looking (and they do) and how pretty they are, thereby raising the bar for them. This is what they feel valued for – their looks. They become overtly self-conscious and feel the need to look-good than really think about what they can share about the things they have learned. You would like to read this article –

    🙂 Excellent post.

    • Read the suggested article and so rightly said. Even my niece all of 12 years is into dresses and makeup and I wonder if its generation gap or is she influenced with the conversations with her. There are so many other facets to a girl than pretty dresses and hair 🙂

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