Orphaned by circumstances

Many times in life we are defeated by ourselves. Despite being a difficult situation, it is not at all easy to let go of what we feel is right – the heart aches but we are unable to vent out our pain.

How many times have our mind and heart given a unanimous decision? Not many times, but still we ignore it. What if the decision might be a blessing in disguise however we fear the bleak chance of if it turning out not to be.

We fear not the failure but the sadness which it will bring to our dear ones. We stick to the decision not because it is making us happy but because it is making them happy. So many personal factors affect the way we think and despite of the right decision, we let go of the possibility which might make us happy…only because of people who are dear to us in our lives.

We put on a smile while hiding the sadness behind it just to make our dear ones happy.

Circumstances in life can teach you a lot… If you deal with it alone, they build the radical character. If you make your own decision, they are booster shots. If you make a mistake, they are lessons learnt. . . . I guess, I liked things better when I didn’t understand them!!

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